Monday, April 30, 2012

WIW....  4/30/12

Gap Brand brushed twill jacket in navy, Ralph Lauren check shirt, RL rep stripe bow tie, green knot, olive green Lands End trousers, Trafalgar paisley suspenders, Johnston & Murphy woven oxfords
Did you know?.....

there is a MUSTACHE craze going on?  Well, I just joined the club myself.  Of course, mine will be via a t-shirt-  my facial hair has WAY to much gray in it to pull it off, but KUDOS to those gents that are handsome enough to wear it.

I ordered mine through a company online.  I will post their link once I receive it to make sure it is of top quality.  You know I only like the good stuff *

*fashion and liquor

Sunday, April 29, 2012

WHAT I WORE (WIW) 4/29/12

Vintage Harris tweed 3 button blazer, Ralph Lauren blue stripe bd, vintage collar bar, Michelsons tie, blue felt flower, white linen pocket square, John Nordstrom tan chinos, RL belt, J&M spectators
I am not sure why, but I have gone CRAZY for men's shoes this season!

The barrage of spectators, wingtips, bucks, and saddles this spring is TRULY fabulous.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Donald J. Pliner "Emeri"Bass "Burlington"

Florsheim "No string Wing"

Sperry "Topsider Gingham"

Allen Edmonds "Neumok"

Johnston & Murphy "Colling Bit"

Johnston & Murphy "Dolby Wingtip"

Frye "Sully"

Drilley's "Cocoa Brown Prima"

There is no excuse not to buy some great new shoes this year... hopefully these few of my favs will give you some inspiration... 

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE share this blog with your friends!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

                         From the website 
an East Coast style blog that I get lots of inspiration from... read on......

Last year, Vineyard Vines became the “Official Style of the Kentucky Derby.”  To be honest, we were a bit surprised when we heard about the partnership, but once we saw the lineup of clothes and ties that Vineyard Vines had created, we knew it was a winning combination.  Well, for 2012 the line has been extended, and other than the pair of bucks you will need to complete the look, you can literally be fully dressed in Vineyard Vines garb for this year’s Derby festivities.

The 2012 Derby Collection has something that has never been seen before from Vineyard Vines, a suit.  Yes, Vineyard Vines has finally released a suit, and, luckily for us, it is of theSeersucker ($395) variety.  Made of 100% cotton, and featuring a classic cut, this suit will become a summer staple in no time.

Images: Vineyard Vines

Of course, a seersucker suit alone does not complete a Derby look.  Next, we’d suggest keeping your shirt basic and going with a Solid Murray Shirt ($98.50).  Available in white or peony, we are sticking with white this year simply because it is a better compliment to our bowtie of choice, the Jockey Shirts Bow ($49.50).  If you believe in dressing for the occasion at hand, you’d be hard pressed to find a more suited bow (except for maybe the VV Derby Silks Bow) for any equestrian event.
Finally, if you are going to wear a belt, you can’t go wrong with the Derby Silks Belt ($49.50).  We were big fans of the Derby Silks print when Vineyard Vines released it as part of their inaugural Kentucky Derby collection, and are happy to see it back in more iterations this year.  Not only is the Derby Silks Belt a great way to finish off your look for the festivities, the color combination lends itself well to just about any summer style.
So there you have it, folks.  Derby Fashion, the Vineyard Vines way.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oxford Clothing article that I found very interesting.  It is extremlely rare to get the insight as to what goes on behind the bespoke clothing you find today.  This company being in Chicago made it an especially good read. 

I have viewed this clothing line up close during my time at Neiman Marcus.  Impeccable tailoring and simply gorgeous fabrications.  They definitely know how to produce timeless fashion and their construction is made to last.


Oxford Clothing of Chicago

Monday, April 23, 2012

Get ahead of the trend: knots and flowers on your lapel!

Dapper men in Europe and on the east coast have already caught on- now is the time to beat the trend here in the midwest.  

Nothing pulls together an ensemble like a brightly colored silk knot or a crochet/felt flower on your lapel.  With a minimal amount of effort you will be amazed at the attention this little detail can cause.  I guarantee it!

Another rule I follow: If there is a hole or a pocket on your blazer, put something in it!

The key with this accessory is to keep it simple and small.  Any flower  over 2 inches in width will look a little "prom-ish"- and fabrication is also important.  The ones I love can be found at -hand crocheted in a variety of colors.  Silk knots can be found at almost any department store.  

I purchased a group of wool felt flowers on Ebay for a steal of a deal, but they were hard to find.   Knots can also be found on Ebay as well if you are on  a budget.

As with pocket squares, I always try to pick the minimal color used in a print or stripe and match accordingly.

Try it!   If you find you received a plethora of compliments, please come back and comment here.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

WOW!  J. Crew really blew me out of the water with their selection of men's pocket squares for the Spring/Summer season.  Crisp white linen with colored piping, silks with polka dots, selvedge denim, paisleys and florals, and my ultimate favorite: BANDANNA print!  

Now, if you are on a budget like me, you can always take some "inspiration" from these styles and get them on a dime.  I picked up a set of cotton bandannas- fresh and new-  they give the same effect as the fancy linen ones.  Just do not launder them- one time in the washer and dryer and they will never look the same.  

Another tip I picked up from fellow bloggers: women's scarves.  Look for classic polka dots, paisleys, and foulard prints.  Smaller sizes are better, but you can always cut them down in size to fit.  Really, is someone going to pull out your pocket square to check to see if the edges are finished?  

Of course, the great debate continues as to how to wear your pocket square today.  I personally like the full "poof", where you twist the points, fold over, and tuck in the pocket.  I will still wear the "points" up, but only when the square has detailing (like stitching or a contrasting trim).  I have never been a big fan of the "folded" style, as it is too rigid for my tastes.  Pocket squares are like little bursts of fun for your suit, and should not be taken that seriously.

p.s.  NEVER wear the matching square if you purchased a tie/square set in a box. EVER!  My rule is: when in doubt, go with a white pressed cotton or linen, or a MATTE silk (not the shiny- shiny=cheap silk).  

One step up from basic white: a solid color.  Look at your tie of choice and find one of the minimal colors within the print or stripe.  Also, if you are wearing a solid tie, you can really go outside the box and pick a bold print- be it floral or paisley or whatever your heart desires. This little bit of effort will pay off, BIG TIME!


Friday, April 20, 2012

NEW fragrance obsession, just in at Saks Fifth Avenue: Bond #9 "I Love New York"  Earth Day in the Green label !  All I can say is, the moment I spritzed it on, I was hooked.... stop by and try it and I think you will agree!  Oh- and tell them Richard sent ya' !

In an official statement, Bond No. 9 explained, “Like the environmental movement itself, I LOVE NEW YORK for Earth Day is rich in youthful vivaciousness and hope. And like New York, this lush green tuberose is also sophisticated and assured. Its wakeup opening notes, sprightly tangering and orange flower water, blended with more tropical orchid, segue into the heart of the scent: a stunning floral composed of intoxicating tuberose, lily of the valley and orris.”

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just attended the "Fashion and Philanthropy" event at the men's store at Saks Fifth Avenue.  10% of all proceeds from all sales of men's clothing to benefit Howard Brown and the many services they offer. 

There was an amazing turn out, plus I got to show one of the designer sunglasses lines I represent, "Zegna"....

Zegna is also available at the boutique on Michigan Avenue and at Neiman Marcus.   Email me if you want to come and view the line.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time for a little "self-promotion"....

One of the lines I represent is called "Michelsons"... it is a brand of men's neckwear and formal that I started with last month.  I will have to say the line TRULY is amazing.  I have worked at many of the major department stores on Michigan Avenue, and I can definitely say, NO ONE offers a full 7 fold tie, all silk, for only $65!  

For now, they are only available at Macy's on State Street and Old Orchard in Skokie, IL.   

Attached are just a few snapshots I have taken to show you the depth of the product available now.  Stop by and see me if I am in stores- updates to my schedule will be posted on my Facebook page. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012