Monday, April 23, 2012

Get ahead of the trend: knots and flowers on your lapel!

Dapper men in Europe and on the east coast have already caught on- now is the time to beat the trend here in the midwest.  

Nothing pulls together an ensemble like a brightly colored silk knot or a crochet/felt flower on your lapel.  With a minimal amount of effort you will be amazed at the attention this little detail can cause.  I guarantee it!

Another rule I follow: If there is a hole or a pocket on your blazer, put something in it!

The key with this accessory is to keep it simple and small.  Any flower  over 2 inches in width will look a little "prom-ish"- and fabrication is also important.  The ones I love can be found at -hand crocheted in a variety of colors.  Silk knots can be found at almost any department store.  

I purchased a group of wool felt flowers on Ebay for a steal of a deal, but they were hard to find.   Knots can also be found on Ebay as well if you are on  a budget.

As with pocket squares, I always try to pick the minimal color used in a print or stripe and match accordingly.

Try it!   If you find you received a plethora of compliments, please come back and comment here.

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