Sunday, April 22, 2012

WOW!  J. Crew really blew me out of the water with their selection of men's pocket squares for the Spring/Summer season.  Crisp white linen with colored piping, silks with polka dots, selvedge denim, paisleys and florals, and my ultimate favorite: BANDANNA print!  

Now, if you are on a budget like me, you can always take some "inspiration" from these styles and get them on a dime.  I picked up a set of cotton bandannas- fresh and new-  they give the same effect as the fancy linen ones.  Just do not launder them- one time in the washer and dryer and they will never look the same.  

Another tip I picked up from fellow bloggers: women's scarves.  Look for classic polka dots, paisleys, and foulard prints.  Smaller sizes are better, but you can always cut them down in size to fit.  Really, is someone going to pull out your pocket square to check to see if the edges are finished?  

Of course, the great debate continues as to how to wear your pocket square today.  I personally like the full "poof", where you twist the points, fold over, and tuck in the pocket.  I will still wear the "points" up, but only when the square has detailing (like stitching or a contrasting trim).  I have never been a big fan of the "folded" style, as it is too rigid for my tastes.  Pocket squares are like little bursts of fun for your suit, and should not be taken that seriously.

p.s.  NEVER wear the matching square if you purchased a tie/square set in a box. EVER!  My rule is: when in doubt, go with a white pressed cotton or linen, or a MATTE silk (not the shiny- shiny=cheap silk).  

One step up from basic white: a solid color.  Look at your tie of choice and find one of the minimal colors within the print or stripe.  Also, if you are wearing a solid tie, you can really go outside the box and pick a bold print- be it floral or paisley or whatever your heart desires. This little bit of effort will pay off, BIG TIME!


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