Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SAY YES to fun bright colored socks and shoe laces for summer!

It is such a simple way to be "on trend" without going overboard!  Here is the subtle way I will be injecting color splashes to my feet....

This affordable 3 pack of Ralph Lauren Polo socks I picked up at Macy's, $28.00.  


It's best not to try to be too "matchy matchy", i.e. bright yellow shirt PLUS bright yellow socks.... but if your tie has a hint of one of these colors, or say your plaid shirt also includes a splash, then DO IT !

Another unexpected place you can add a pop of color is with simple shoe laces!  I purchased EVERY shade they had at the Allen Edmonds store on Michigan Avenue.  I think the sales associate thought I was crazy, as I sat down and changed my laces right then and there!   

So, take those old beige bucks, white wingtips, or tan boat shoes and put a set of these guys in...  at only $6 each for high quality waxed 30' laces, you can't go wrong!

Allen Edmonds Laces

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