Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIW 6/24/12

Ralph Lauren tennis blazer, Stafford stripe spread collar shirt, RL polka dot tie, vintage collar bar, yellow Beau Regards boutonniere, RL belt, vintage high waist pinstripe pants, yellow socks, Johnston & Murphy white nubuck wingtips.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

WIW 6/23/12

Brooks Brothers 3 button pinstripe blazer, Ralph Lauren blue stripe spread collar shirt, Cordial Churchman gingham bow tie, red Beau Regards lapel flower, white linen pocket square, white RL seeksucker pants, Polo RL white and brown saddle shoes.

You can pick up one of these FABULOUS lapel flowers here:

Beau Regards Boutonnieres

Friday, June 22, 2012

NEW logo....

NEW colors just in......

Take a peek at the newest additions to the Beau Regards boutonniere collection:

Made by hand in Chicago from repurposed yarns.

Brass button detail, just slip through the hole on your lapel !

The perfect size- any bigger and it would look "crafty"... am I right?

Just click either the Etsy or eBay link to make one of these your own....

coming soon: UPcycled bow ties and pocket squares!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PLEASE don't become a fashion accident.....

I would hate to see your photo in a men's magazine with a black box over your eyes and the caption, "What not to wear"

These are downright HIDEOUS...  Feeling patriotic?  wear a lapel pin or something subtle....

I will not post the website that the above bow ties are available at, but not only are they tacky... they are over priced at $40 each.... what a waste of money !

Beau Regards approved this message :-)

Monday, June 18, 2012

3 ties you should never get ride of:  

Polka Dot,  Varsity Stripe, and Paisley

Foulards and novelty prints will come and go (and PLEASE let us not revisit the atrocities of the 90's)  but these three will remain tried and true.

*Polka dots will go with almost any stripe shirt.

*Varsity stripes and a fresh button down oxford can't be beat.

*Paisleys, although more adventurous, can incorporate a multitude of colors for that hard to match colored shirt you have had in your closet forever.

Above are just a few from my personal collection.

Coming soon:  must have dress shirts- and not the everyday boring white!
Need a men's wear line that understands traditional fashion without the hype?   Look no further than Hackett London....

This line is amazing- after you watch the Spring/Summer 2013 collection video below, I think you will agree.  Clean, classic, hints of vintage, dashes of modern- truly one of my favorites!

*pay close attention to the white pinstripe suit at 2:38... I wear a size 39R, if you want to get me a gift.... giggles!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

WIW 6/17/12

Ralph Lauren linen blazer, RL blue oxford shirt,
Brooks Brothers nautical tie, vintage paisley pocket

 square, yellow watch, yellow felt flower, white
seersucker RL pants, RL tan belt, BASS navy bucks

 w/electric blue laces....
Need a summer tote that won't break the bank?

Grab one of these great little canvas bags by Unionmade!    Only $12.oo !!!!!

There truly is something timeless about nautical motifs, and these bags have just the right amount of seafaring style without being too cheesy.

Made in San Francisco (I love anything made in the USA)  -sport one to the beach or to the market and wait for the compliments to come pouring in......  FABULOUS!

See all things Unionmade here:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UPDATE:  Meeting with a seamstress to get started on my line of "Beau Regards" bow ties!

SO excited to get the project up and running....

Should have a sample in my hot little hands by next week, so stay tuned for photos and more information.

Was thinking, now that the boutonnieres are complete, ties in the works, how about pocket squares??? Hmmmm... makes one think.....

Best part: it is all GREEN... recycled yarns from sweaters, recycled standard ties, and now recycled shirts....  COOL!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sample just came in....  Beau Regards boutonnieres:

this is just the first "rough draft".... 

the new inventory will be constructed of recycled yarns (cashmere/silks/wools).....

Let me know your thoughts!

Beau Regards quote of the day:

eBay items ending in 24 hours... Check them out!

Lots of goodies to browse... I try to list 10 new items per week (sometimes more if I score some sweet deals on in demand pieces)  so check back often:

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