Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pocket squares... embrace the simplicity!

I am a big believer in pocket squares, whether worn for formal events (only high quality silk will do, not the shiny stuff) business, or even on a casual day when you have on a blazer or jacket.

Please check out one of my previous posts about fabrics and styling.

I get asked all the time during my day on the sales floor at many retail establishments on how to do the "Puff"  or "Poof".....   here is a great example:

I will post photo tutorials of the squared and the points style later, so check back for an update.

Also, I will be coming out with limited editions of Beau Regards pocket squares.  Please click the link to my Etsy page to browse my store for UP-cycled men's accessories.

Beau Regards on Etsy

Thanks for reading!

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