Sunday, September 30, 2012

WIW 9/27/12

Black Brooks Brothers blazer, red Ralph Lauren spread collar stripe shirt, Vintage bow tie, yellow Lacoste cardigan, white cotton pocket square, red Beau Regards boutonniere, grey glen plaid Claiborne pants.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Help me make a WOW at my first independent showing of Beau Regards at Vintage Garage Chicago October 21st.

I need your help to make this event a smashing success.  In order to "do it right"- this has become an expensive financial undertaking.  I have to purchase tables, chairs, racks, hangers, and more.  Below is a link that I set up with Fundrazr.  Donate there, or you can donate direct through Paypal at the top of my page.  

Beau Regards Show Fund

Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated.   


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall 2012 Beau Regards Boutonniere Collection:

The first group is finally in!  I am diligently working on more styles (eventually there will be an Ombre and Flecked grouping)  but for now, here is what is available, on Etsy of course....

1. Black 2. Loden Green 3. Multi Ombre 4. Off white flecked 5. Orange tweed

I will post an update for the newest shades when they are complete... you are gonna LOVE them!

shop here:    Beau Regards Boutonnieres

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chicago's "Fashion's Night Out" review...

Every major mall and department store on/near Michigan Avenue rolled out the red carpet for shoppers and fashionistas alike.

My first stop: 900 N. Michigan Avenue.  They had an amazing set up on levels 2, 3, &4 with a beauty bar, VIP cocktail area, nibbles hosted by Groupon, and discounts throughout the mall.  Unfortunately, I did not spend a lot of time here, as there were 3 events on my list to hit, but I had to come and see friend Ryan Beshell, PR guru at the 900....

2nd stop:  Neiman Marcus.  The runway show was fabulous!  An EQUAL mix of men's and women's fashions plus accessories... it was standing room only by 6:30!  Most of the photos listed are from the NM event.  

*On a down note, I just HATE the riffraff that shows up to these events.  They are all there just for the free stuff and suck up all the drinks and food and you KNOW they have NO intention of ever spending a dime on the Avenue.  I lost count of all the cheap shoes and cheap bags and cheap clothing being sported by the freeloaders on the front rows...  just makes me CRINGE every time I see it....  some people are just plain TACKY!!!!   vent over, lol.....

3rd stop:  Haberdash.  This unique men's only store features many revitalized brands such as Pantherella, Red Wing, Woolrich and more.  Many new and up and coming vendors as well.   They were out of liquid libations by the time we arrived, so we checked out their wares, and headed over to the Dana Hotel and Argent Restaurant for wine and small plates (oxtail raggu, crabcakes (SO good), porcupine meatballs, and oxtail fritters)

My friend Mark and I ended the night with dirty martinis at Tavern on the Park... such a fun- and fashion- and food- filled evening!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watch out ladies... MEN are catching up in the realm of fashion...

Check out this GREAT article in the NY Times....  I have long felt that men were somewhat ignored by the retail industry, and now we are finally getting our moment in the spotlight.  

NY times : Shops just for men

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion's Night Out.........  Thursday, Sept. 6

This is THE night to be on Michigan Avenue!  Every major mall is having events, and many department stores and boutiques are also rolling out the red carpet!  SO many, I wouldn't even begin to list them all.  

One I am attending for sure will be the 900 N. Michigan Avenue event.  It starts at 6 p.m. and features a fashion show with cocktails/nibbles.   Water Tower Place is also participating, and Northbridge is another location definitely on my list (as well as Neiman Marcus and Saks).....

Meet me downtown if you want to check out all the latest in Fall styles......

Timeout Chicago magazine did a good job of getting most of the parties/events listed, just click here:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beau Regards debut @ Ravenswood Remix a great success.......

My joint effort with Imaginary Girl Jewelry on September 1 & 2.   We had the constant threat of rain but mother nature decided to let the sun shine on us.  Both brands were popular with shoppers, and we were true to the premise of the market: all items to be made of recycled/refurbished materials!  (We were a little disappointed by the China made knock- off bags next to our tent, but cest la vie)

Stay tuned for more showings of Beau Regards in the coming future. 

Don't forget, you can always get your shopping fix on my Etsy store... just click here: Richards Fabulous Finds