Monday, February 18, 2013

Downton Abbey & Mad Men- Changing the Way Men Dress

Downton Abbey & Mad Men- Changing the way men dress.....

I am so happy that these two television shows have kicked men in the ass and have them finally starting to pay attention to their wardrobes and appearance.

For the more modern tailored gent, there is Mad Men.  Heavy on the suits, narrow lapels and ties, the square fold pocket, and mostly solid colors of brown,navy, grey, or black.   Here is an extended article I found that breaks down the main players in more detail :

                                           Mad Men

For Downton Abbey, the look is very English tailored.  My personal favorite of all types of dress for men (which you can probably tell by some of my recent posts and my Etsy store)  Lots of tweed, hats, and amazing formal wear steal the show.  No one does is like the Brits!  And my favorite labels are all in the know: Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Hackett London, Paul Stuart, and Gant.

Another great blog post that looks at the shows fashion focus in depth:

                                      Downton Abbey

Of course, with these styles now on the hot list, they are becoming quite expensive... but my men's vintage line has a great blend of both worlds at incredible prices!  

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