Friday, June 21, 2013

WOW! What a fun weekend!

WOW!  What a fun weekend!

So my last post let you know I was attending my 25 year Class Reunion... well, I made it- and it was a phenomenal time!

Due to car issues (which always seem to happen right before I plan a big trip, damn imports!) I was not able to attend the Fireman's Ball on Friday.  So I got up bright & early to hit the road for the 3.5 hour drive to Savanna, Illinois on Saturday.  

Thank goodness I left my Mapquest tracker map on my phone... NO cell service other than Verison in all of Carroll County- I felt so disconnected, LOL.

Got into town around 1 -ish and dropped my luggage off at the Blue Bed & Breakfast on Main Street.  Freshened up a little, then off to Palisades State Park for the reunion picnic at 2.  Not as big of a turn out like the 20, but some great people nonetheless. 

A bit of chat, and wine, and nibbles then back to the B&B for a quick shower and slip into my suit and tie for an evening at..... Poopy's......

Now, before you ask, it is a biker bar/pub/banquet hall heading out of town on Rt. 84.  Needless to say I was a bit of a "fish out of water" and way overdressed, but I figured hell- someone's got to do it!

More of the Class of  "88 were in attendance at this soiree than the picnic, so lots of hugs and catching up ensued.  It really was nice to go back for a bit of nostalgia.  But I am definitely a city mouse.... "Dahlink I love you, but give me Michigan Avenue!"

Up on Sunday morning, made it up to my Aunt's for a visit, toured the old house I grew up in (so sad, it looks like it should be torn down) & the high school and ball park, then on the road again back to Chicago.

Next visit:  2018

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