Sunday, November 10, 2013

Great style is more that just clothing... it is also about FIT! Find a good tailor- NOW!

Get a tailor!

The one thing I tell many of my clients over and over- find a good tailor and stick with them!

You can have on a $5,000 suit, but if the pants have 3 inches of break, or the sleeves are to the knuckles.... it will look like a cheap suit- period.

I know it takes a little time and money, but believe me it is SO worth it!  Isn't it funny how some will readily pay $8 bucks for a fancy cup of coffee, but won't spend $10 to have the hem of their pants fixed?

JUST DO IT... you won't regret it!

Another rule:  New or vintage, alterations should always be expected to get a proper fit!

Here is a great chart to gauge the correct proportions.........

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